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The purpose of this website is to help my students access information and resources they may need while I teach them IB Biology. Other people are free to browse this website but will not be able to access some of the information which is password protected.

The menu above will enable you to access all the various sections. The website includes course details, resources for various topics, exam instructions, internal assessment guidelines, maths and statistics for biology, extended essay details, revision advice and links. Next to the page title you will also find a link to common definitions for the biology course which I hope will be of use but also an icon to contact me for various reasons. I am very keen for people to get in touch to offer feedback, report issues but also to share links or ideas so I can include them on this website.

Students: If you feel you could improve this website in anyway (such as including more information in certain areas), please come and see me at school and we will see if you can get some CAS hours for it.

Exam Countdown

This will hopefully help you see things in perspective about the amount of time you have before the start of the final exams and the importance of handing work in on time. Always bear in mind that two years appears to be a long time when you start the IB but time goes by very quickly... Click the clock below to access the countdown clocks for the current exam year and the next.


Updates and information
PowerPoint presentations and handouts are now available for topics 1, 4, 7, 8 and 10 as well as options D and F.
Most of the access issues have been sorted, you should be able to access it from all browsers but make sure it is the most up to date version. A page explaining the Animal Experiment Policy has been added, please read it.
The design of the website has been updated and should now include more information and resources.
There are still some issues and the site is currently best viewed using Safari.


Nota Bene: This website is by no means a finished product, it is more of a work in progress and some pages may not yet contain all the information I am hoping to include