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This site was developed for my IB Biology students. The original idea was just to provide information on how to do data processing for the Internal Assessment but it eventually expanded which explains why that section is the most complete.

The purpose of this website is not to be an exercise in website design (I am not a professional web designer nor am I a visual graphic expert, I never have been or will ever pretend to be), it is there for students to access useful information to best support their work whilst doing the IB. I know it does not contain a lot of images, colour and other bells and whistles but that is by design as the only visually pleasing aspect it should have is that of seeing the required information, not how pretty it is or if the layout is aesthetically pleasing. If I can include images and other visual effects that does not detract from the content, I may eventually do it but for the moment, it is what it is: a simple source of information.

Although a lot of the information is freely accessible and can therefore be used by anyone, the information on this site is geared for the students that I teach and they are the only ones with a password to access the restricted files. If you don't have a password, contact me and I may give you one but bear in mind that the username and password is reset every year.

The website was written with Dreamweaver CS5.5 and checked with the most common browsers on both Windows and Mac so it should work for most people. Your browser may try to block some content when you load this website as it uses JavaScript for menus; accept it or the menus and some content on pages won't display properly. If you come across any issues (or even the odd typo) please get in touch but don't bother if the issue is about aesthetics!

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