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Maths & Statistics

Below is an index of all the topics (Core and AHL) and the options (HL and SL). Just select the tab to see the relevant content. Please note that the options show which are for HL students and which are for SL students.

  • Core
  • AHL
  • Options

Topic 1: Statistical analysis

Topic 2: Cells

2.1 Cell theory
2.2 Prokaryotic cells
2.3 Eukaryotic cells
2.4 Membranes
2.5 Cell division

Topic 3: The chemistry of life

3.1 Chemical elements and water
3.2 Carbohydrates, lipids and proteins
3.3 DNA structure
3.4 DNA replication
3.5 Transcription and translation
3.6 Enzymes
3.7 Cell respiration
3.8 Photosynthesis

Topic 4: Genetics

4.1 Chromosomes, genes, alleles and mutations
4.2 Meiosis
4.3 Theoretical genetics
4.4 Genetic engineering and biotechnology

Topic 5: Ecology and evolution

5.1 Communities and ecosystems
5.2 The greenhouse effect
5.3 Populations
5.4 Evolution
5.5 Classification

Topic 6: Human health and physiology

6.1 Digestion
6.2 The transport system
6.3 Defence against infectious disease
6.4 Gas exchange
6.5 Nerves, hormones and homeostasis
6.6 Reproduction

Topic 7: Nucleic acids and proteins

7.1 DNA structure
7.2 DNA replication
7.3 Transcription
7.4 Translation
7.5 Proteins
7.6 Enzymes

Topic 8: Cell respiration and photosynthesis

8.1 Cell respiration
8.2 Photosynthesis

Topic 9: Plant science

9.1 Plant structure and growth
9.2 Transport in angiospermophytes
9.3 Reproduction in angiospermophytes

Topic 10: Genetics

10.1 Meiosis
10.2 Dihybrid crosses and gene linkage
10.3 Polygenic inheritance

Topic 11: Human health and physiology

11.1 Defence against infectious disease
11.2 Muscles and movement
11.3 The kidney
11.4 Reproduction

Option A - Human Nutrition and Health (SL Only)

A1 Components of the human diet
A2 Energy in human diets
A3 Special issues in human nutrition

Option B - Physiology of Exercise (SL Only)

B1 Muscles and movement
B2 Training and the pulmonary system
B3 Training and the cardiovascular system
B4 Exercise and respiration
B5 Fitness and training
B6 Injuries

Option C - Cells and Energy (SL Only)

C1 Proteins
C2 Enzymes
C3 Cell respiration
C4 Photosynthesis

Option D - Evolution (SL & HL)

D1 Origin of life on Earth
D2 Species and speciation
D3 Human evolution
D4 The Hardy–Weinberg principle (HL Only)
D5 Phylogeny and systematics (HL Only)

Option E - Neurobiology and Behaviour (SL & HL)

E1 Stimulus and response
E2 Perception of stimuli
E3 Innate and learned behaviour
E4 Neurotransmitters and synapses
E5 The human brain (HL Only)
E6 Further studies of behaviour (HL Only)

Option F - Microbes and Biotechnology (SL & HL)

F1 Diversity of microbes
F2 Microbes and the environment
F3 Microbes and biotechnology
F4 Microbes and food production
F5 Metabolism of microbes (HL Only)
F6 Microbes and disease (HL Only)

Option G - Ecology and Conservation (SL & HL)

G1 Community ecology
G2 Ecosystems and biomes
G3 Impacts of humans on ecosystems
G4 Conservation of biodiversity (HL Only)
G5 Population ecology (HL Only)

Option H - Further Human Physiology (HL Only)

H1 Hormonal control
H2 Digestion
H3 Absorption of digested foods
H4 Functions of the liver
H5 The transport system
H6 Gas exchange