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Maths & Statistics

Some schools do not share the syllabus with the students but it is a very useful document and I believe in students having access to it. It contains a lot of very useful information, some of which can be found on this website. Students should regularly look at it and look at the standards: what is required to know in each topic. The standards say exactly what the student is expected to know and can at times provide useful clarification for students and teachers. When you first start the course, it is a very daunting document but as you progress in the course, it will make more sense, which is why it is important to read through it regularly to refresh your mind about what it contains.

A mistake was originally made in the syllabus when it was published, some of the standards were incorrect so I have also included the erratum.



Online Version

The following was announced in 2011. There will be some significant changes for students sitting exams starting in May 2016: the contents of the core and AHL syllabus will be modified, the number of papers for SL students will change as will the format and content of the options.