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Maths & Statistics

Standard Level students have to complete 30 hours of Internal Assessment and Higher Level students have to complete 50 hours of Internal Assessment; both HL and SL students also have to spend ten hours on the Group 4 project. The Group 4 project is a ten hour team investigation linked with Physics, Chemistry and Design Technology relating to a given theme (normally relating to the environment).

Internal Assessment (IA) is assessed using 5 criteria:

• Design (D)
• Data Collection and Processing (DCP)
• Conclusion and Evaluation (CE)
• Manipulative Skills (MS)
• Personal Skills (PS)

D, DCP and CE are used to assess the 30 or 50 hours of IA. When you carry out an experiment, I will always expect you to attempt DCP and CE but when you are asked to design an experiment, you will only be assessed using D unless the experiment you have planned is very good then you would be expected to carry it out and do DCP and CE too. The Group 4 Project is not assessed using D, DCP or CE although I will expect you to do a write up of the work you did in your team as proof that you did work.

MS is assessed summatively meaning I will observe you during experiments and see how well you fulfil the criteria and give you a mark. No written evidence is required for this.

PS is only used to assess the Group 4 project.

Full details on the Internal Assessment can be found in the syllabus.