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The following links should help you with finding ideas for designing experiments. Please bear in mind that I know most of the experiments listed on these websites and you won't be able to get away with a stupid copy and paste attitude. The IB encourages you to get inspiration from other experiments for your design tasks but you must adapt it to your own needs and reference the original source.

Online countdown clock or stopwatch
Should be useful if you do an experiment at home

Biology experiments by D G Mackean
It's primarily aimed at iGCSE student but there are still some good ideas

IB Biology Lab Bank
Developed for IB Biology teachers so should be useful

Nuffield Foundation Practical Biology
Some good examples of biology experiments with some good examples

All Science Fair Projects
Geared for science fairs but some ideas are quite interesting

Science Fair Projects and Experiments
Another one geared at science fairs with some interesting ideas

Google is a very powerful tool, just enter what you are trying to investigate and it will find pages that should help you with what you are trying to do. Remember to take into account the IB IA requirements.