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ToK and Natural Science
ToK and Human Science
I thought I would include these as they have a lot of good links about debates in science over key topics.

IB Quotes
People sharing quotes about their IB experiences. Some are very amusing, my two favourite are:

This is IB, you may pick 2 of the following:
1. Good Grades
2. Enough Sleep
3. A Social Life

If you are in IB and you ever find yourself without any homework to do one evening then one of the following events must be true:
1. You're forgetting something
2. Something is wrong with your planner
3. You're about to wake up in a few minutes

This always makes me laugh when I see it but I would never be so blunt as to send it to someone although students doing the IB need to be independent when it comes to learning and Google is a good place to start. A lot of simple queries can be answered by searching for key words and modifying searches based on what previous searches have revealed. Do ask me questions about Biology but be proactive when it comes to things like how to modify a graph for Internal Assessment.