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Maths & Statistics

Anki is a very useful revision program that uses flashcards. You will find links to download sets of flashcards (Anki decks) on the various topic pages. Each deck contains questions based on the syllabus and should be seen as a revision tool but it is not the only form of revision you should use. To use the decks you need to download Anki, versions exist for many operating systems.

I offer no support for using anki or the decks, follow the following instructions to use them and if you have issues using or setting-up Anki, refer to the help pages on the Anki website.

When you become more confident with how useful Anki can be, you can create your own sets of decks for any subject you want. From what I can tell, Anki was originally written as a way to learn Japanse so it should also be very useful for you to learn vocabulary for a B or ab language.


How to use Anki on your computer

How to download and use Anki decks from this website

The creation of Anki decks is an ongoing project, students are creating questions in exchange for CAS hours and I check and build the decks before posting them to this website. As of yet, there isn't a deck for evey topic but I will publish them as they become available.