Writing Guide Home IA Checklist  

This is not an exhaustive checklist but should allow you to address most of the issues. To know if you have addressed all the issues, read the guide thoroughly for each section. This is just to be used to jog your memory. You can tick the yes or no box to keep track and see what you must address. Click here to reset the tick boxes.


Yes No Introduction
Yes No Focused research question
Yes No Clear hypothesis
Yes No Explanation of hypothesis including references
Yes No Dependent variable identified
Yes No Independent variable identified
Yes No Controlled variable identified
Yes No All variables are controlled
Yes No Detailed apparatus list
Yes No Clear and logical method
Yes No Will enough data get collected?
Yes No Equipment set-up diagram
Yes No Risk assessment

Data Collection & Processing

Yes No Raw data as recorded during the experiment
Yes No Data fully processed
Yes No Example of how the data is processed is shown
Yes No All the data is in tables
Yes No All the decimals in a column match
Yes No All the data is show to three significant figures
Yes No Graph drawn
Yes No Graph and tables have titles
Yes No Uncertainties and units are shown

Conclusion & Evaluation

Yes No Clearly stated a conclusion based on the data
Yes No Referred to data using SI Units to justify conclusion
Yes No Referred to specific points on the graph using SI Units to justify conclusion
Yes No Referred to hypothesis and explanation of is appropriate
Yes No Quality of data evaluated
Yes No Statistical tests and graphs also evaluated
Yes No Procedure has been evaluated
Yes No For every weakness identified in the evaluation, a realistic improvement has been suggested
Yes No Further work has been suggested