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All your write-ups must be typed.

The heading of the first page should contain your name and the date.

Do not write in first person singular like this: I heated the solution for 40 minutes. Avoid the terms ‘I’, ‘we’, ‘he’, etc… An example of an appropriate statement would be: The solution was heated for 40 minutes.

Just like when writing an essay, make sure the tense stays constant as well as the voice; use passive or active voice but don’t alternate between them.

Whenever you use information that was obtained from any source, you must reference it or you will be charged with plagiarism. This is very important. Plagiarism includes using information from a source without referencing it and copying work from another student. Unfortunately, if a friend decides to copy your work, you will most likely both face the same consequence so it is advisable that you never lend your work to a friend for "inspiration" and never give them an electronic copy, even if you trust them.

Only include diagrams and graphs if it is pertinent. Don’t try and "decorate" your work with pretty pictures or to "pad it" by including useless information or work to make your work seem longer. Chances are you will spend less time doing the work properly than trying to disguise your lack of work.